Peter Panto

Written by Peter Webster


A Community Theatre production of “Peter Panto”,

by special arrangement with Josef Weinberger and New Zealand Play Bureau Ltd.


Peter Panto was the story of the boy who never grew up… 

Wendy, John and Michael accompany Peter Pan on his journey to Never Land, where they met the Lost Boys and did battle with the pirates and the dastardly Captain Hook.

Accompanied by lots of singing, dancing and audience participation, this show was loved by people of all ages, including those who have never grown up…!

Peter panto 2017 cast:

Mr Darling: John Brans

Mrs Darling: Megan Lee

Wendy Darling: Alanna Barkle

John Darling: Charlie Mavin

Michael Darling: Ryan Death

Nana:Arabella Gunson

Peter Pan: Charlotte Gooch Oram

Tinkerbell: David Berry

Tootles: Joshua Lee

Nibs: Libby Burne

1st Twin: Lauchie Death

2nd Twin: Abby O'Kane

Curly: Emma Bennett

Slightly: Lillyana Sciascia Ferrarini

Crocodile: Emily Nesbit, Sarah Lee

Captain Hook: Suzanne McLaren

Smee: Morley Davis


Starkey - Tom Burne

Jukes - Annabelle Berry

Lola Hamilton

Rhiannon Child

Cecco - Shannon Corrie Boyd Zalewski

Chorus: Tony Ironside, Elsa Ironside, Lucy Nesbit, Danni McNaught, Brianna McNaught, Leonie McNaught, Erica Harrison, Jasmine Sandford, Isabel Schaw, Kaela Brans.


Peter Panto was an unusual one for Waipawa M&D as it was a traditional British pantomime, but we're so glad our Central Hawkes Bay audiences enjoyed it just as much as we did. We'd like to thank the team for their continued hard work and dedication to out small town society.