Mamma Mia!

We are very excited to bring this wonderful, fun, energetic and family orientated show to the stage of the CHB Municipal Theatre.

For more information on being part of Mamma Mia! please get in touch!


The Mamma Mia! Team


susan Davidson

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we announce Susan Davidson as our Director for our 2019 production of Mamma Mia!
Making her musical theatre directorial debut for us, Susan brings an amazing energy, passion and element of fun to the team. In her own words; “I am passionate about making Mamma Mia! brilliant and we are going to find a team that is worthy of the humour, the dance and those memorable songs. Shortly we will be shaking the tree to amass the most amazing cast and crew possible, so if you know of any people who will enjoy being part of this inclusive and magical show, get in touch!”
So shake that tree folks! Get in touch if you want to be a part of the team- backstage, onstage, wardrobe, tech... send us a message!
We are all so excited about working with Susan- just wait until you spend a few minutes in her company; the passion, enthusiasm and energy are infectious! 


Helen Walker

We are delighted to announce our Musical Director for Mamma Mia!, Helen Walker QSM.
Helen needs no introduction to Waipawa M&D members; her commitment to the club goes back decades and her talents are immeasurable. Having taken on the Musical Director role for M&D shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Chess, Les Mis, Footrot Flats and many more, we welcome her back to the role for our upcoming 2019 season of Mamma Mia!
Helen will be encouraging, coaching and directing our cast and orchestra to bring out another superb musical performance on the CHB Municipal Theatre stage.
As always, Helen’s talents go far beyond being MD and the production team look forward to working with her; she has great wisdom, is incredibly hard working and one of the key team players behind the success of M&D.


Wendy waldrom

Waipawa M&D are thrilled to bits to announce our Choreographer for our upcoming season of Mamma Mia! 
We welcome the wonderful Wendy Waldrom to the Mamma Mia! team. 
Wendy comes to us with a long list of M&D choreographer experiences, as well as having run her own dance school for many years.
When not supporting the team as our choreographer, Wendy can often be found in the backstage crew, or on stage; most recently on the Waipukurau Little Theatre stage, in The Death of Me.
Wendy is looking forward to working with our team to bring out the best in everyone- which is certainly one of her greatest skills; all who have worked with her will testify to this 😀💜
Assisting Wendy will be Ana Severinsen. Whilst being new to the M&D team, Ana also brings many years of experience and we are all looking forward to getting to know her 😀💜

Our Mamma Mia! Cast

Donna- Wynne de Lautour

Rosie- Julie Hales 

Tanya- Anne Gelling 

Sam- Charlie Davidson

Harry- JOhn Brans

Bill- Brad Seymour

Sophie- Georgia Barrow 

Sky- Matt Oliver

Lisa- Ash Richardson

Ali- Kristin Hart


Kendra Campbell 

Lance Bridges  

Madi Howard

Makena Houston 

Morley Davis  

Olly Jarden

Rachel Gunson

Rachelle Dekker

Sarah Schaw  

Steve Dunn 

Suzanne Hoyt

Wilson Delaney

Amy Dunn 

Ana Severinsen 

Brendon Leeuw

Connor Hirst  

Crystal Urquhart   

Debbie Hart                

Eleanor Norris

Evie Wilce  

Graeme Fothergill  

Jill Shipp                             

Kate D’Ath